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About Us


My journey towards Organic children’s Clothing started in 2014 with the birth of my second child, Jack who suffered with eczema. It was important for me to dress Jack in clothes I felt would not further irritate his skin, and as the organic market seemed limited, I started to make his clothes myself, later selling them to the public and online retailers.


As my business progressed, I decided to out-source the making of my garments to an organic Printing and Production Centre in India. Doing this allows me to produce garments in larger quantities and design the fabric prints myself.


All of our fabric designs are created using painted tissue paper, which is cut into shapes and stuck onto paper to create individual graphics, these graphics are then arranged electronically to create our colourful designs.


All The Bunting Tree garments are designed in the UK and made ethically and sustainably in India. I wont be releasing seasonal ranges, but will regularly add to my collection of timeless, bright and bold garments which I believe are unique and gender neutral.


I hope you, and your children love them as much as I do!


Emma x

About Our Factory, Sree Kanaga Durga Textile – CU 829572:


We want for our customers feel re-assured that their chosen garments have been made ‘the right way’, and the owners, and workers at our factory feel exactly the same.

Based in India, Sree Kanaga Durgaa Textile is a family run business and has been manufactorers of Organic clothing since 1974. The factory employ up to 30 workers, all are paid above the national living wage for India and work between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Work hours are adjusted during the warmest months in order to maintain comfortable working conditions, and paid overtime is offered when available.

Sree Kanaga Durga Textile pride themselves on having full certification from The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which means that the Cotton, and the whole production of The Bunting Tree Garments is organic, and environmentally and socially responsible.

(Read more here – www.global-standard.org)

Follow Us:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/thebuntingtree

Instagram: @thebuntingtree

Twitter: @thebuntingtree