• In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-51
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  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-47
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-49
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-26
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-46
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  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-42
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-9
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  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-59
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-23
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-50
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-19
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-12
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-8
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-57
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-13
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-60
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-24
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-54
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-36
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-20
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-58
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-43
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-29
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-2
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-11
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-38
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-16
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-45
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-40
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-17
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-56
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-61
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-35
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-37
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-14
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-32
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-6
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-15
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-25
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-41
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-7
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-22
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-55
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-18
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-52
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-3
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-44
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-48
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-39
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-28
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-30
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-21
  • In-the-Den-Photography-TBT-27


3rd Dec 2016 – CWB Feature

We are delighted about our feature in Children’s Wear Buyer magazine this month, the article is about gender neutral clothing and features other great brands too! Sadly it’s subscription only, but you can have a sneaky peek over on our social media pages.


5th Dec 2016 – Ehtical Christmas gift guide

Why Ethical? Why Organic? What are the certifications and what do they mean? Lucy from Hello Beautiful Bear explains all in her wonderfully written Ethical Christmas Gift Guide for 2016.  It includes products from The Bunting Tree, and some of our other favourite organic brands too! Have a read here!


5th January 2017 – British Vogue

Its true! We make an appearance in British Vouge’s February 2017 issue which is available to buy today! We’re in the ‘Little Loves’ section and have a small write-up  alongside one of our amazing brand photos by In the Den Photography! (Big holla to Hannah!) So, to all you Vogue loving fashionistas, have a flick through and see if you can spot us! I can’t imagine a better way to start the new year 🙂


In The Den Photography

We recently commissioned lovely Hannah at In The Den Photography to photograph our debut range of tees and tops ‘british weather’. The brand images have been featured in Vogue and Childrenswear Buyer Magazine! Hannah wrote a piece about the shoot, read it here!



Make, Do and Push!

The wonderful Hannah from Make, Do & Push! Wrote a fabulous review for us in November. You may recognise her photos from our website and social media pages? Thats right! She’s a photographer too! Read Hannah’s review here!

The Frenchie Mummy

Huge thanks to The Frenchie Mummy, Cecile for the wonderful review within the ‘Baba Fashionista’ section of her blog! It includes some beautiful photos of her little man wearing our tees and tops and also features a TBT giveaway – how exciting is that! To have a read and enter the competition, click right here!

Toby Goes Bananas

Sarah wrote a fantastic review of our British Summer and Brollies & Blizzards tees and tops.  Toby and Gabe looked brilliant in them! Thanks so much, Sarah! Review available here!

Mudpie Fridays

Another great review of our weather range! Clare has been shopping more and more with independent retailers and stumbled across TBT on social media. Her review is accompanied by some great photos of her smallest son, Kipper. Unfortunately we dont yet have sizes to fit Monkey, Clare’s eldest, but watch this space! As we’ll soon be increasing our size range top age 7! Read Clare’s review here!